Notes from the August 2001 Meeting

Forth in Linux and Unix
submitted by Kevin Appert and Dave Jaffe

The Russian Forth Interest Group (some English there, have a look!) and a couple of Linux links:

GFORTH (for Unix/Linux)

KFORTH (Linux)

Debian package

Portable Forth Environment (Unix)

Skip's list o'Forths


Charmed wearable computers

submitted by Kevin Appert

Surveillance Cameras
A woman in Tulsa saw this picture and (incorrectly) identifying the fellow as her ex-husband, called the police.

The Surveillance Camera Players
At least one (and perhaps more) organization has troupes of mimes protesting security cameras (for some years now)

A new participant!
Jodell Bumatay and her URL:
Her "Instant Tourist Guide to the FORTH Dimension":

Utilities software
WASP (write all stored passwords) Password Recovery (removes ******* so you can see the passwords you've arranged to automatically key in) and AC Plug (to keep you from timing out when connected to your ISP)