June 2020
Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others

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National Ham Radio Field Day - Bill Ragsdale
"The National Ham Radio Field Day is an annual exercise for emergency communications with 30,000 operators participating. I will give a short, live walk-through of my radio station. I'll show the 10 kW solar power trailer, two operating stations, and the antenna arrays."

Video (11:01)


Tales of the Qiskit Hackathon - Jack J. Woehr
The 2020 IBM Quantum Challenge hosted 1,745 participants who used Qiskit to run 5,054,517,692 quantum circuits. The participants deployed an impressive variety of techniques, including machine learning, to tackle the most difficult exercise, optimizing a unitary operator derived from a 16x16 matrix to run efficiently on 4 qubits.

Video (33:01)
Total Immersion : Reflections on IBM Quantum Challenge 2020 - Jack's Qiskit Blog
Qiskit - Quantum Informtion Science Kit - A community to discuss Qiskit, programming quantum computers, and anything else related to quantum computing.
IBM Quantum Experience


Update on New Robot Board Design - Don Golding
"I have changed the processor on the robot board to an ESP32 plug-in board per a suggestion by Dr. Ting. The robot board's schematics have been updated and I have just finished Version 4 of the layout. The new boards (35) have been ordered from PCBway. My goal is to have these boards available next month for $50 donation."

"I will also give an update of MadeInSpace. Moving to Florida has really opened up opportunities within the company."

Video (31:34)
Introduction to ESP32 - Getting Started - Video (47:56)
Brad Nelson's ESP32 Forth on Github
Bill of Materials


Extending Forth: An Integrated Editor and Contract Generator - Dudley Ackerman & John A. Peters
"In 1980 I was wondering how I could extend Forth to make something better than a spreadsheet or a database program for making electrical estimates. After 30 years of successs."

"The Contract Generator is an estimating program that’s totally written and Forth with many custom extensions. It is a Win32Forth program with the editor WinEd that makes it easier to create an estimate. It automatically prices things by looking up the time required to install and the price of the parts which are all in the dictionary as individual words. Then it totals the numbers and breaks it down in to man-days, parts wholesale and retail, and more."

"I wondered if we could have Forth in the cloud and accessible from a browser. Dudley and I will show you how far we have come."

Video (37:58)
Contract Generator on Githib
Contract Generator on the Web


How I Use Test-Driven Development in Z80 Assembly Language - Samuel A. Falvo II
"I'll present proof that you don't need sophisticated testing frameworks to make use of Test-Driven Development (TDD). Here, I'm using it to write a new Forth interpreter for my VDC-II project. VDC-Forth is not close to being finished yet, but what code does exist is known to be stable and trust-worthy."

"This presentation originally started out as a 15-minute Zoom presentation for the Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group. I quickly realized, however, that the material I wanted to discuss couldn't fit into 15 minutes. So, I decided to make a video."

Video (1:06:18) - YouTube - PeerTube


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