June 2017 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others

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Videos: morning (1:02:26) - afternoon1 (1:37:14) - afternoon2 (1:24:45)


"IoT for Fun! Workshop" Reprise- CH Ting
Ting will report on his Make Faire Workshop. All 50 kits were awarded and everyone had a good time.

Slides - 66.2 Kb pdf file
New Offete Enterprises website


We enjoyed lunch at The Treehouse.


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, and Gossip


Maker Faire Photos - Dennis Ruffer & Dave Jaffe
Dennis and Dave will show the photos they took at the Maker Faire.

Slides - 4.55 Mb pdf file
John Glauvitz's Maker Faire Photos - Passcode: figmf2017


Haiku of Things - Brad Nelson
"Having learned the hard way at Maker Faire that:
Forth_Haiku + Wi-Fi_knob_n_buttons + >30_WI-FI_networks = DEMOFAIL
Come witness a second attempt! In the (hopefully) quiescent environment of Stanford, see ESP8266 / ESP32 based control of Forth Haiku."




Wishbone B.4 Pipelined Bus Master Circuits - Samuel A. Falvo II
"I will illustrate one way of building a Wishbone B.4 Pipelined-Mode bus master capable of supporting single-cycle transactions as well as arbitrary latencies, as well as supporting burst transactions."

Slides - 6.88 Kb text file
Making a Wishbone B.4 Pipelined Master
Wishbone B.4 Specification
The KCP53010's Load/Store Unit
KCP53010 Polaris.v
KCP53010 Seq.v


GA144 in Action - Michael Schuldt
"I will demonstrate the work I'm doing on alternative tools for the GA144. This includes compiler, loader, simulator, editing mode, and graphical interface."

Slides - 2.35 Mb pdf file
Compiler, loader, and simulator for the GA144 multi-computer chip


Clean Up and Adjourn

Other items:

Win32Forth Version 6.15.04 on SourceForge
Solo Forth - Disk-based Forth system for ZX Spectrum 128 and later models
MPE's VFX Forth for Windows
FIG Forth Vocabulary (for 6502)
Forth for the BBC micro:bit
Easy Forth by Nick Morgan
Forth for MSP430
Forth Tutorials
Become Proficient in Forth with Free Books - OSS Blog
A Start with Forth 2017: Forth - Bits and Bites by Juergen Pintaske
35 Forth Words as First Entry Application (for "A Start with Forth 2017")
Forth CPUs
Mega Progress Update - Kestrel Computer Project by Samuel A. Falvo II
Forth Articles and Blogs
FORTH - An Application-oriented Language - Programmer's Guide by E.D. Rather & C. H. Moore - Honeywell 316 Version
Basic Principles of FORTH Langauage as Applied to a PDP-11 Computer by E.D. Rather, C.H. Moore & Jan M. Hollis
IBM OS/360 Mainframe Forth
Evolution of Forth
Forth Redefined
Writing a Forth (in Haskel) by Rein Van der Woerd
Comments about Writing Forth in Haskell on Hacker News
Forth Programming Books
Forth Jobs - submitted by Dennis Ruffer
Other Jobs
Green Arrays
Forth People
Misc Forth Stuff
PSoC 5LP MCU Prototyping Kit (CY8CKIT-059) $10
Intel Compute Card - (video 2:30)
Internet of Things - Working with Raspberry Pi and Windows 10
Maker's Guide to Boards
Software Applications
Space Applications
Programming Languages other than Forth
How to Install Python on Windows
Operating Systems
How to Use Wireshark to Capture, Filter, and Inspect Packets
FastStone Image Viewer
Other Books
Manuals & Documentation
The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass [I think is supposed to be "mess"]
Exploring the Jetson TX2
Upper Memory Block - Episode 24: The Incredible Machine
The Incredible Machine and a Billiard Ball Computer
Before C, What Did You Use?
Can this $14 matchbox-sized device fire up America's kids to get coding?
Surplus Houses
Making Tools in Forth (video 13:01)
Adam Savage's Maker Faire "Sunday Sermon" - (video 12:07)
BBS - The Documentary
Trade Shows
Personal Computer History
Vintage Programming Languages
The Retro PIC Single-Board Computer
CP/M software website
The birth of CBBS, including BYE by Ward Christensen & Randy Suess
Ward Christensen
An Early Door to Cyberspace: The Community Memory Terminal
The Difference between RS232 And RS485 Serial Interfaces
Dennis Ruffer's HangoutOnAir Replacements Spreadsheet
Limericks by Paul Hardy & Tony Cappellini

Stanford exhibit explores mid-century modern design
Q&A with the curator of the Cantor Arts Center's exhibition Creativity on the Line - (video 2:41)

Is there a specific object in the exhibition that bridges this mid-century era to the past or the future?
There is one object that is the perfect bridge between the past and the future, and that is the Altair 8800, designed by H. Edward Roberts for Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry, or MITS, in 1974. It is the first computer designed for mass production and is therefore the link between two very different parts of computer history: one, the workstation / mainframe computer arrangement (shown in drawings in the exhibition) that until then had been used in office settings but had not been produced on a really large scale; and two, the personal computers that we now all own.
Video of Altair

Meeting Announcement

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