June 2014 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others

SVFIG on Google+ Hangout- long url - tinyurl

Videos - morning (1:20:16) - afternoon (2:51:50)
Please forgive the ManyCam advertisement and the circle around the image


Coffee and a Chat


GA144 running C - James Bowman
James will demonstrate limited functionality running C on the GA144 using PDP-11 assembly language emulation.

Slides - 1.03 Mb pdf file
James’ blog - excamera


ForthDuino from Taiwan - CH Ting
"Friends in Taiwan FIG sent me a ForthDuino board with a STM32F407, an impressive ARM chip with 1MB of flash and 192KB of RAM, used on the STM32F4-Discovery board ($16.95 from Amazon). I am trying to move the SAM7eForth over, but so far, no luck. The MDK-ARM toolchain from Keil is overwhelming. The chip is overwhelming, too. I will bring the boards to the meeting and talk about them. If I can bring eForth up, then we can celebrate."

“I got the interpreter working on the STM32F4-Discovery board and am now working on the compiler. I will demonstrate the eForth system at the meeting, whatever shape it is in.”

Slides - 163 Kb pdf file
STM32F4-Discovery board
NetDuino Plus
Discovery Board from Digi-Key - $20.83


We ate at the Treehouse.


A Day at the Maker Faire - Dave Jaffe
"I took a few photos and found more online, so I can present 30 minutes about Maker Faire, including 10 and 5 minute Adam Savage videos."

Slides - 2.1 Mb pdf file


Wireshark and USB - John E. Harbold
John told us about conducting, monitoring, and capturing USB transactions.

Slides - 24.5 Kb pdf file
Wireshark - Tools - Download


Franklin was called out of town, so his talk was cancelled.

Exploring 1-wire devices on the GA144 - Franklin Amador
This presentation will describe a method to interface the Dallas Semiconductor high-precision one-wire digital thermometer (DS18S20) device with the EVB001 evaluation board. The hardware and software interface, discussed in a future app note, uses arrayFORTH and polyFORTH, respectively.

Franklin’s interesting, newly revised paper: Exploring 1-Wire Devices
DS18S20 - 1-Wire Parasite-Power Digital Thermometer
EVB001 - dual GA144-1.2 Retail Evaluation Board


Break -


Downloads and Such - All in attendance
We'll talk about stuff one can download from the Interwebs: FTP, Linux, Rescue Tools, XP Password Crackers, and of course, Forth.

Dennis A. Ruffer
Coin Arduino BlueTooth Low Energy
ManyCam - free virtual webcam effects software
BeastGrip - universal / adjustable lens adapter and rig system for most camera phones
F-Mount to 37mm Adapter
BR-3 Mount Adapter Ring for 52mm Thread
Adorama Macro Coupling Ring 52-52
B+W 37-52mm Step-Up Ring
Kowa Lenses
Vintage Kiron Japan Kino Precision Varifocal Macro-focusing Zoom Camera Lens
Brad Nelson
Building a NaCl app


Clean Up and Adjourn

Other items:

The Dragon-Free Internals of Forth - by Scot Stevenson
Riscy Pygness – Pygmy Forth for the ARM
Mecrisp-Stellaris - Forth for ARM
MikeOS in assembler with Forth and BASIC interpreters
A pure Ruby interpreter for Forth
Russ Forth - A simple Forth interpreter in Ruby
Forth for MSP430
Forth language for ARM Cortex-M and TI MSP430: free Lite Compilers
Free MPE Forth compilers for ARM Cortex and TI MSP430
MPE: Forth available for ARM Cortex-M and TI MSP430
MPE enables quick start into Embedded Design with Free Forth LITE Compilers for ARM Cortex M and TI MSP430 Kits
Forth Tutorials
Forth Lite Tutorial (Kindle ebook based on free MPE Forth version)
Forth CPUs
Computer Science Online
Computer Science before College
Go Forth and Prosper Campaign
Software Applications
FTP programs
Programming Languages other than Forth
USBDeview v2.30 - View all installed/connected USB devices on your system
RS232 Connector Pin Assignments
Arduino-BLE Kit
Raspberry Pi: Five alternatives for hackers and modders
Adafruit - Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
Velleman HPS140i Handheld Pocket Scope - $99 (coupon code S1406)
MDK-ARM Microcontroller Development Kit
Forth Programming Books
Forth - The Early Years - Charles H. Moore
Programming a Problem Oriented Language: Forth - Charles H. Moore
Starting Forth in pdf
Other Books
Forth Articles and Blogs
Scot Stevenson's Forth Blog
Go Forth! - Colin Walls - 06/13/2014
20th Anniversary: Forth data structures - Jack Woehr - 10/06/2008
Forth and Embedded Systems - pdf - Jack Woehr - 09/24/1991
40-core processor with Forth-based IDE tools unveiled - Bernard Cole - 09/24/2008
Programming the Arduino in AmForth – Craig A. Lindley – December 2013
Arduino Spectrum Analyzer
Game / Engine in SwiftForth
Forth Jobs - submitted by Dennis Ruffer
Computer Scientist / Embedded Systems Programmer - Science System and Applications, Inc. - Hampton, VA
Sustaining Engineer - Adecco - Ithaca, NY
Senior Firmware/ Embedded Software Engineer - Milpitas, CA
Engineer-Software (Multiple Openings) - Ericsson - San Jose, CA
Senior Firmware Engineer - Elo Touch Solutions - Milpitas, CA
Senior Software Engineer - Low-level Systems - Amazon - Seattle, WA
Embedded Programmer - Leidos - Columbia, MD
Senior Embedded Computer Scientist - Leidos - Columbia, MD
Green Arrays
Surplus Houses
Trade Shows
Personal Computer History
50 Years of BASIC Programming
Building the Big Dog - 8080A system
Retro Computing - The N8VEM Home Brew Computer Project
N8VEM Google Group
DIY Single-Board Computers (Part 1): Design and Expansion Options, by Oscar Vermeulen and Andrew Lynch
DIY Single-Board Computer
List of screw drives
Web Power Switch
Swann SWADS-455CAM-US SwannSmart WiFi Network Camera
Keeble and Shuchat Photography
iFixit - The free repair guide for everything, written by everyone

Meeting Announcement

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