June 2010 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others


Coffee and a Chat


Oscillator in Forth - Bob Nash
Bob will describe the direct digital synthesizer (DDS) signal generator (with display) he built using Charley Shattuck's MyForth. An interesting challenge was doing quad multiplication on an 8-bit machine using a modified Russian Peasant algorithm. This was needed to calculate the number for the frequency display (no hardware was needed to measure the frequency).

Russian Peasant Multiplication in MyForth


Variations in the Key of MyForth - Charley Shattuck
"I'll try to have something ready to add to Bob's presentation concerning difference between MyForth for 8051 and Forduino (MyForth for AVR). I'm currently having trouble talking to my Arduino board so it may be mostly theoretical."


PrismForth - Brad Nelson
Brad will present his progress toward yet another web-based Forth, drawing on lessons learned from RainbowForth (web/native) and IconForth (web). Both previous systems suffered from over-coupling of Forth and non-Forth code. This time, a minimum of non-Forth code will be used to bootstrap the system: python for a shared block store, javascript to implement a Forth friendly virtual machine and small boot loader. From the point of view of Forth code, web based execution will resemble running on a simple idealize Forth-y CPU. Just to mix things up, this time, conventional Forth syntax will be used.


We will walk to The Treehouse by Tresidder Union. Here is the menu.


HP200A Oscillator
After lunch, we'll walk over to the Packard Building to check out the HP200A Oscillator on display, along with other artifacts as time permits. A similar oscillator was featured on Antiques Roadshow and it can be seen starting near 30:00 into the program.


Introductions, Announcements, Discussions, and Gossip - All Assembled


View of a Faire - Dave Jaffe
Dave will share his photos from the Maker Faire.

A maiden visit to Maker Faire


Digital Chart of the World - CH Ting
"I got this Digital Chart of the World on the USGS website, code name GTOPO30. It is a huge data set (1.7 Gb) covering the entire earth with 30 arc-second resolution. I am trying to plot maps from this data set. I like to display the globe, rotate the globe to any angle, and expand an area to the limit of the data set, similar to the way I played with the Mandelbrot set."


How the Web is Changing Programming - John Slater
"The special demands and competitive landscape of web programming has created a shift in the way people program. I will cover these changes and invite audience input as to how Forth can respond to this."



Other items:

Pocket Forth
Website on WayBack Machine
Doug Neale's Personal Web Site - Forth
Forth on Kosmix
PowerMops Forth Programming Language for Macintosh
Forth Jobs

Meeting Announcement

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