Notes from June 2002 Meeting

Ting's Topics

Chipmast - handheld PDA using 6502 with 1 accumulator
P8 @ 4 Mhz working
P16 - waiting for pinout info, 24K RAM on chip
F# - runs with Windows XP now, Windows 98 soon
GameBoy Advance
Unit is $70, games are $50
ARM7, 16 Mhz, 32bit CPU, 8 bit bus
32K RAN on CPU, 256K RAM
Cartridge has 8 Mb Flash
Display is 240 by 160, 15 bit color
sound processor
10 buttons
4 I/O pins can be used for RS232 serial or other uses
eForth has been made for it
needs 3volt serial to RS232 cable

Jeff Fox has published an article about Forth in a free software magazine

USB RAM by Cybernetic Micro Systems

XSLT - XML language

CaphNet - browser for PDAs and Mobile phones
Skip Carter's company

Other - Search results for Forth on SFnet