Notes from May 2002 Meeting

Interesting websites:

Towel Day - 05/25/2002 - A tribute to Douglas Adams

Department of Consumer Affairs
Bureau of Automotive Repair / Smog Check

Punch and Brodie (as in Leo Brodie of "Starting Forth" fame)
Puppets for company meetings, events, and videos

Free-Energy Solutions

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Einstein
Gary F. Moring

Internet Programming (Book and Disk)
Kris A. Jamsa and Ken Cope
Publisher: Jamsa Press
ISBN: 1884133126

Advanced Circuits
$33 prototypes in 5 days

ProCAD PowerStation 32 - $99 version
AutoRoute in their Mainframe

AM Research
ForthStamp prototypes uses Cygnal Integrated Products:

C8051F300 - 8K flash, 256 RAM, 8bit ADC
C8051F017 - 32K flash, 2304, 10bit ADC

From Kevin Appert

Sites I ambled across in our morning jaunt through the Internet:

Leo Brodie's side business - providing quality puppetry to corporate environments.

The internet Wayback machine (Mr. Jay Ward would be proud, I think)

Interesting stuff, Getting at the Ports under Windows NT, uClinux - Linux for MicroControllers, USB Info and much more

Smog check test history for your own or any other license number. Buying a used car?

Bob Nash found a couple of interesting sites in his travels on the Information Superhighway

Build yourself a Glow Discharge Panel (from the folks at Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft project"

More on Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft and Naudin's MHD-propelled aircraft t%22&pg=q&avkw=tgz&kl=XX

Kite Altitude Record Attempt:

A high voltage motor in 5 minutes

Looking around for plasma stuff, I found "Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments" at which seems to have been de-linked from it's mother page at (I wonder why? Liability?) The AMASCI site has a vast plethora of interesting stuff so if you're short of free time, don't even start!

Al's new favorite processor - also an exhibitor at Sensors (see below)

Prototype Circuit Boards

Al Mitchell recommends for quickies:

Procad (this is the CAD software Al discussed):

Untested PCB houses

Sierra Proto Express

Douglas Electronics Inc. - (PC house and CAD software supplier)

Advanced Prototyping Inc.



Overnite Protos

Lists at:*&avkw=tgz&kl=XX

The SVFIG Contacts Page - participate now by sending your info to Kevin Appert.

Links from the Sensors Expo and Conference

(A complete index to the exhibitors is available on the site. If they would have had a clue it would have been a list of links) There was a LOT of wireless stuff at the show. See Crossbow and MicroStrain below. Second biggest trend (in my opinion) was MEMS.

A few of the exhibitors of personal interest::

Head-worn heads-up single-color VGA display

Data Acquisition Systems

Wireless Web Sensor Networks

Virtual Corset

Wireless sensor motes and MEMS stuff, Accelerometers, Gyros, Inertial Sensors, Tilt, and so on.

Other meanderings:

PCI Extender to end all PCI Extenders

PCI Digital Oscilloscopes and More

RS232 to Ethernet to Dialup Modem