Notes from the March 2005 Meeting

Morning Session

WinSpice - CH Ting
SPICE for the Complete Idiot - Powerpoint slides in PDF
test5.cir - Spice source code text file

Afternoon Session

A Short Discussion of: The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the 21th Century
Ting's Powerpoint slides in PDF
Ethernet Gadgets - Al Mitchell
Could not attend due to uncertainty of meeting.
SVFIG offices
Vice-chair - meeting planning


Contributions by Kevin:

Low-cost wireless mouse pays - EE Times article
Here is the text and image from the teardown report of a Microsoft wireless optical mouse that employs a Motorola 68HC908 Freescal processor

Surplus Computer Parking Lot Sale on 05/21
starts at 9am

Silicon Valley Surplus Sources

A PCB house that has free tools and they will build the prototypes, no size or pincount limits.

Data Translation USB ECON series data acquisition modules
8 inputs, 12 bit a/d 40KHz, up to 28 DIO, waveform DACs, starting at $149

Saelig USB sampling oscilloscope
1 Msamples/sec - $220

NeedaSample - online sample order and tracking company
Registration required