Notes from April 2003 Meeting


Actel Flash-based development board
Orders being taken for this board
Presentation PDF

eForth Monitor commands
help, move, read port, send port, dump, execute, fetch, store, show-stack

List of FPGA-based Computing Machines


USB Tutorials in Embedded Systems Programming, Vol 10, #6, June 1997 "The Basics of Universal Serial Bus" by John Canosa

Part 1 - Contact Kevin Appert for this PDF file
Part 2 - PDF

Henrik Thurfjell has used the Cypress 8051 with USB hardware on board

Possible topics/speakers for May:
Henrik Thurjfell - USB on Cypress 8051
Kevin Appert - Quick tutorial on USB
John Hall - Firewire fundamentals
Upcoming topics for future meetings:
FIG organization
Bill Ragsdale
Tim Duncan - Forth sound card and MIDI interface
George Perry - email inbox in Linux

The Forth Interest Group elected new officers:

George Perry, President
John Hall, Vice President
John Carpenter, Secretary
John Rible, Treasurer

The first meeting of the new officers is being planned and the future direction of FIG will be decided.

John Hall, Former President


Warthog Territory

Federation of American Scientists

Intel Museum