March 2008 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others


Coffee and a Chat


Forth Day 2008 - Kevin Appert
Suggest a speaker or volunteer to speak!


Remote USB Connectivity - John Harbold
John described how to form a virtual connection between a USB device, a remote PC, and a server. John will continue this discussion next month.


Some folks bring their lunch, some folks go to Togos.


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, Random Access


Interesting Items - Volume 10 - Dave Jaffe
Dave continued his survey of interesting newly-introduced microcontrollers, I/O peripherals, sensors, products, and gadgets that can provide useful and unique capabilities to Forth embedded systems.

Slides - 413 Kb pdf file


Magnetic Recording and Ampex - Jay McKnight
Jay took us through the history of sound recording through some vintage Ampex videos.


Random Access - All in attendance
Will it be random or just pseudo-random? We always find something to talk about.



Other items:

Zog - C version of ficl (Forth Inspired Command Language), runs on eCos OS; eCos and Forth can be small, ZOG is under 150K with author setup: i386, floppy booting. Added words: inb, outb. Tiny description, downloads: source, floppy image.

Bytecode interpreters for tiny computers
Kragen Javier Sitaker - kragen -at-

Build a PC So Small It'll Fit in a Drive Bay

Meeting Announcement

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