February 2011 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others


Coffee and a Chat


Forth in Your Shirt Pocket: AmForth on an Arduino Uno - Bill and Michael Ragsdale
Bill and Michael will present AmForth running on an Arduino Uno with two applications: a Morse Code keyer and a GPS Puzzle Box. He'll briefly introduce Forth for folks who have had little or no exposure to the language and tell you how to get started with Forth on the Arduino.

GPS-enabled puzzle box
Slides - 1.36 Mb pdf file
Support tools - zip file
Source files
USB drivers
AmForth on SourceForge
GPS modules


We will walk to The Treehouse by Tresidder Union. Here is the menu.


Introductions, announcements, and discussion - All assembled
Everyone introduced themselves and remembered when they first heard about Forth.


SwiftX on an Arduino Uno - Leon Wagner
Leon will demonstrate the SwiftX Integrated Development Environment for the Atmel AVR microcontrollers on an Arduino UNO board. His discussion will include details about the implementation strategy the Forth on the AVR.

SwiftX AVR for the Arduino Prototyping Platform paper and source code for the demo - 497 Kb zip file
The app note SwiftX-Arduino.pdf discusses the SwiftX-AVR implementation specific to the Arduino Uno and Diecimila boards and presents a simple application for those boards. The subdirectory 'distress' contains the source code for the sample application.
Pololu USB AVR Programmer - $20
Replacement ATMEGA328P-PU chips from Mouser

"If you want to try it out, the SwiftX evaluation version is free."

"Note that the installer for SwiftX-AVR gives you everything you need. It has its own copy of AVRDUDE built in (I built it in the MinGW environment so it doesn't need a bunch of DLLs) and also includes the drivers for the Uno, the FTDI chip, and that nice Pololu programmer. You do not need to go out and gather up a long list of stuff; it should all be here."

"You can easily modify the little FLASH.BAT script in the project directory to work with the ISP programmer of your choice. The comments in the file tell you how to do it."

"If you have a Duemilanove board with the ATmega168, use the Diecimila project. If you have the Duemilanove with the ATmega328 or 328P, use the Uno project."


Message Wheel - CH Ting
Ting will discuss and demonstrate a message wheel using an Arduino Uno board mounted on a bicycle wheel. As the wheel rotates, 8 LEDs spell out letters of a message.

Slides - 86.3 Kb pdf file
Ardweeny from Jameco
Arduino POV Display (Video - 8:21)




MyForth on Arduino Hardware - Charley Shattuck
"This is a very minimal approach to compiling programs using Forth for an Arduino board. This is a tethered Forth, using Linux resources such as Vim for colorful editing, AVRDUDE for downloading, Minicom for interactive testing, and Gforth for target compiling. It is purposely not ANSI standard, instead borrowing from colorForth and arrayForth. The main point was to see how little I could get away with doing and still have a usable system for programming an Arduino board."

Slides - 485 Kb pdf file
Support files - 25.4 Kb zip file
PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor - $30



Other items:

TurboForth for TI-99/4 - on SourceForge
Using block files in TurboForth (video)
Arduino FAT16 Library for SD Flash Cards
Arduino from Amazon
Projects Pack for Arduino V2.0 - $100
Arduino at Jameco
Arduino hardware by element14
Arduino Ethernet Shield
Gameduino: a video game adapter for the Arduino by James Bowman
coprocessor is a Forth-powered J1 core, running at 50 MIPS
DSO Nano Oscilloscope V2 - $89
FTDI USB Device Solutions
Forth Programming Books
Let's Make Robots - Review of Arduino Uno
Programming a Problem-Oriented Language by Charles H. Moore
on Chuck's website
What if Lisp was invented by the Japanese?
Forth Jobs
Course lectures
Wojciech A. Koszek
Falvotech Blog
Scans of IBM PC and Compatible Documentation
Atmel AVR Instruction Set
Infrared Gesture Sensing App Note Silicon Labs AN580

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