February 2006 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from: CH Ting, Alan Furman, Kevin Appert, and John Peters


Starbucks Coffee, Tea, Bagels, and Pastries


Another attempt at Digital Storage Oscilloscope - CH Ting
"I gave up on Harry Winter's Dual Incremental Sampling scheme, and will try a more conventional approach with a high speed ADC. I am coding and testing the digital components on an Altera Stratix II FPGA. The components are eP32 controller, ADC, FIFO, and a PLL clock generator. For the display, I will use a GameBoy Advance console, or a graphic LCD display".

Presentation in PDF available soon

  • A/D convertors with 130 msamples/sec are available
  • Altera Quartus - FPGA development software - $995
  • Altera NIOS II development kit with USB blaster - $2000
  • Intellectual Property available for DRAM, SPI, LCD, keyboard, UART interfaces
  • Acquire 2 16-bit A/D data for each 32-bit memory location

Audio Spectrum Analyzer - CH Ting

Presentation in PDF available soon

  • Commercial hand-held audio units available for $400
  • Design of a spectrum analyzer using ADuC7020 Forth Stamp
    • 22-pin cicuit board available now through Offete
    • New: 8-pin smaller circuit board now available
  • Uses microphone purchased from Jameco
  • Discrete FFT in eForth
    • 128-point FFT uses 65 cosine and 64 sine terms
    • 15 Khz maximum sampling rate


Lunch - go to TOGO's or bring your own meal and stay at Cogswell


Introductions, announcements, rumors, random access

Alan Furman
Embedded Control Technology - noPC embedded SBC - uses IVOS language that looks a lot like Forth
Kevin Appert
Linear ATM4600 10A DC/DC Convertor
IDE, SCSI, and SATA Solid-State Flash Disks
M-Systems Disk-on-Chip
Bit Micro Storage Devices
Adtron Flash Disks
MagicRAM 2.5" IDE Flash Disk
Memtech IDE, SCSI, and SATA products
COTS Journal article: Flash Disks: Enabling Mission-Critical Systems
Conduction Cooled PC/104 boards
GE Fanuc Talon 8400 Rugged PC-104 PC
Press Release
ThomasNet article
Amboy Technologies USB-Blaster Clone
Mosaic Industries Touch-Screen Forth Embedded Controller
Differences between ColdFire & 68K
Non-contact distance measurement products
GlobalSpec Seacrh
Kaman Measuring Systems
Micro Epsilon UK optoControl ODC 2600-40
Keyence Optical Micrometer
National Application Notes and Other Documents
Index of Bob Pease's articles in Electronic Design
Analog Devices - 164-page Chapter Reprint from Walter Jung's Best Seller! Op Amp Hardware and Housekeeping Techniques
John Peters
Brookline Aries Electric Co. website
Online Forth software for electric contract estimates
Maxim level translators
Eagle CADsoft
XPress PCB - PCB123 design software free


Interesting Items, Volume 3 - Dave Jaffe
Dave will continue his survey of interesting newly-introduced microcontrollers, I/O peripherals, sensors, products, and gadgets that can provide useful and unique capabilities to Forth embedded systems.

Presentation in PDF with weblinks
Wired article about the development of the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot kit


Remembering Henrik - All Assembled
We'll look through Dave's scrapbook and talk about our late, great friend.

Scrapbook in PDF

Meeting Announcement

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