Notes from the February 2001 Meeting

Forth Tools



Internet Commercial Hardware

Interfacing to the Internet


From Robert Nash

Tutorial on CGI with non-traditional languages:
Web Servers and Dynamic Content
Dan Teodor, Linux Journal, February 2001, pg. 172.

Typical use of Forth as a CGI:

Interfacing an Ethernet chip to a uP, using ARP:
Circuit Cellar online article:
The Ethernet Development Board, Part 1: Putting it all Together
Fred Eady, October 2000,
Part 2., November 2000 -

Rabbit Season, Part 3: Network Analysis
Fred Eady, Circuit Cellar, November 2000, pg 48
Related articles also at:

Teenie Weenie serial to ethernet Web Server:
Also see review at:

$50 Ethernet development board uP interface (w/downloadable manual):

PIC Interface to 3COM 3C509B ISA Ethernet card:

PIC Interface to ISA Ethernet card:
A winning Combination
Edward Cheung, Circuit Cellar, October 2000, pg. 12.

Several low-cost Ethernet interfaces:
Designing Web Appliances on a Shoestring
Warren Webb, EDN Magazine, April 13, 2000, pg. 89.

Low cost web server using NE2000-compatible Ethernet controller:
A $25 Web Server
Steve Freyder, et. al., Circuit Cellar Online, July 1999

Four-part series of articles on Embedded RT-Linux:
Ingo Cyliax, November 1998 to March 1999 Circut Cellar
(may also be available at

From Kevin Appert

Ethernet/Serial Interface from Intelligent Instrumentation

Newport Electronics has introduced panel meters, controllers, and signal conditioners with "Embedded Web Server"

Busware has an DIN-rail-mount Ethernet Serial Gatway which goes from one 10-base-t IP-ARP, UDP, TCP, SNMP and TFTP to one RS-232/RS-422/RS-485. They give out serial port redirecting software for PCs so you can talk to your application as if it were hooked up to a serial port.

Bob Nash uses a similar (not DIN-rail) 10-base-T to RS232 box from Moxa. They make 4, 8, or 16 port boxes as well.


Using Forth

At Work (job)

Problems Advantages Comments
lack of FORTH programmers productivity  
"common language" is not FORTH transparency  
typeless typeless ? clear
"C" is the only language to be trusted by managers portable due to Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt need an accepted solution
FORTH is free, therfore worthless testable incrementally IBM factor - can not go wrong
  rapid prototyping  

At Home (hobby)

Problems Advantages Comments
can't get a job programming FORTH speed  
lack of "billable" fluff efficient  
call .exe, access to LIBware all attributes easily attained  
  low overhead of nested / linked modules  
  quick time to demonstrate