Forth Day 2011

Group Photograph by Dave Jaffe

Forth Day 2011 Attendees
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Forth Day attendees can also be seen in the roll call video

Left to right

Standing: Brad Nelson, Chien-Chung Chang, Masa Kasahara, James Bowman, Bob Nash, Alexander Mikhailov, Neil Greenberg (?), Chuck Moore, Kevin Goodwin, Greg Bailey, John Hall, Leon Wagner, John Harbold, Robert Patten, Carl Coffman, Ty Thomas (?), John (Sandy) Bumgarner, Norman (Skip) Inskeep, Peter Midnight, Dennis Ruffert, Alan Furman, Glenn Sanderson, Jason Damisch

Sitting / Kneeling: Tom Belpasso, Don Golding, Sam Falvo, Anonymous, Paul Hardy, Bill Muench, CH Ting, Peter Milford, George Perry, Kevin Appert, John Rible, Dave Jaffe, Dean Sanderson, Bruce Person, Randy Leberknight, Chau-Wen (Steven) Hsu

Not pictured:

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