Forth Day 2010

Group Photograph by Dave Jaffe
Panorama Stitching by Jason Damisch

Forth Day 2010 Attendees
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Forth Day attendees whose faces are obstructed can be seen in their entirety on the roll call video

Left to right

Standing: Dave Jaffe, Bruce Ball, Robert Patton, Dennis Ruffer (mostly obstructed), Bill McGuinnis, Eric Smith, Dudley Ackerman (partially obstructed), Jim Harrison, Charley Shattuck, Bob Nash, Jason Damisch, Bill Kibler, Henry Vinerts, Paul Hardy, Sam Falvo, John Harbold, Peter Milford, Brad Nelson, John Cassady, John Carpenter, George Perry, Chuck Moore, Masa Kasahara, CH Ting, David Frech, Kevin Appert, James Bowman, Michael Montvelishsky, Greg Baily, Glen Haydon, Alan Furman, Steven Hsu, Randy Thelen, John Rible, Jeff Fox

Kneeling: Dale Wolfs (?), Zaier, Stacy Smith, Wojciech A. Koszek, John Peters

Not pictured:

Please provide the names of anyone not yet identified or spelled incorrectly.

Dave Jaffe's photos

Wojciech A. Koszek's photos