Forth Day

Saturday, November 14, 1998

Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

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Registration, Coffee, and Donuts
Registration Fee: $5
All day
In the break room adjacent to meeting room:
Computer and electronic equipment swap meet
Vendors tables
10:00 First Session - 15 minute talks
  • Easy OOP - Wil Baden - Handout
  • SQ4 Hybrid Stack RISC Architecture - John Rible
  • Wearable Data Acquisition System - Dave Jaffe
  • What's new with iMAC Forth? - John Hall
  • F21 - Jeff Fox
  • Tiny Controllers - Bob Nash
  • New Things from AMR - Al Mitchel
  • Other talks to be announced
12:00 Barbeque by Ting
Ting will provide the essentials. Others may, if they wish, may bring enhancements such as chili, desert, etc.

Programming Challenge
Program Ting's laser pointer mounted on a computer controllable turret to project a figure-8 on a wall. This will be held in the meeting room during lunch.


Second Session - 15 minute talks
  • FORML - Bob Reiling
  • State of FIG - Skip Carter - Notes
  • State of SVFIG - George Perry
  • Topic to be announced - Leonard Morgenstern - Handout
  • Topic to be announced - Bill Ragsdale
  • Other talks to be announced - FIG pioneers
14:30 Break


One Hour of Thoughts - Chuck Moore


Adjourn to bar near Hong Seng Restaurant


Dinner at Hong Seng Restaurant
The cost will be shared by those dining. The restaurant is located on Lawrence Expressway in Sunnyvale. Directions will be given at the meeting.

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