Meeting Agenda for
Saturday, August 21, 2004

Third Saturday
Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

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Starbucks Coffee, Tea, Bagels, and Pastries


Analog Devices ADuC702x MicroConvertor - CH Ting
The ADuC702x is the latest microcontroller from Analog Devices. It has an ARM7 core, with a ton of peripherals, including 8 ADC, 4 DAC, 32 KBytes of flash memory, 8 KB of RAM, UART, SPI, GPIO, PWM, etc. Ting is in the process of porting his ARM eForth to it, and he hopes to show the results at the meeting. "It is interesting that Analog Devices puts so many ADC and DAC convertors in this part as it greatly eases instrumentation and automation tasks."


Lunch - on your own: Togos or other local eateries


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, and Gossip


Driving Simulator - Dave Jaffe
Dave will talk about a project he is working on at the VA. A driving simulator is being used to evaluate and improve the driving ability of individuals after they have had a brain injury. He will discuss the design and development of road courses and get into the underlying TCL software capabilities.




The Nike Missile System and the Restored Nike Site - Ed Thelen
Ed has been involved in several ways with the Nike Missile System for many years and helped to restore SF88, the Nike Site on the far side of the Golden Gate Bridge. He currently runs a Nike Missile Website here. Ed will describe the Nike System including an overview of the process of engaging and launching against a target and also talk a little about the restoration of SF88.



After meeting

Possible dinner at a location to be determined.

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Meeting Notes

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