Next Meeting:
Saturday, June 25th

Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

Bring your laptop computer and wireless card to the meeting for free on-site Internet access at Cogswell!

If you would like to have meeting announcements e-mailed to you, send the message Subscribe SVFIG Meeting Agenda to: George Perry


Starbucks Coffee, Tea, Bagels, and Pastries


TingARM - CH Ting

"The TingARM is a single-chip single-board computer. I have one board working and 3 boards built. I will demonstrate this board, particularly the ADC and DAC functions."

"I have a few Digital Storage Oscilloscope boards. If I can get some DSO functions working, I will also show them in the meeting."


Lunch - options include: Togos across the street or bring your own


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, Gossip, and Random Discussions

Potential topics include: July's lunch order-out options (Pizza or Armadillo Willy's via Waiters on Wheels, meeting schedule, and speaker / topic suggestions.


If you can't be there, consider sending a proxy.


Free Software Applications - Kevin Appert

  1. Listening to podcasts with or without an iPod
  2. Getting started rolling your own podcasts (software, service providers, etc)
  3. PDF creation with Gostscript and PDF995
  4. No-Nags website and other resources
  5. HTML photo albums with JAlbum


Options in Networking with Friends and Colleagues - George Perry
Linked-In, Gmail, and other services are presenting opportunities to find and network with people who share our interests. Is it worth the trade-off in fiddling with the thing and the privacy risks? Who owns your communications and the ideas they represent? Who gets to see this stuff? Who gets your email address?


Possible Beers and Dinner
Venues include Tied House in Mountain View.

Future Meeting Topics

Possible BBQ

  • Math Secrets of Mosaic Industries' QED-Forth
  • Robot Parts and Pieces - vendor(s) from the RoboNexus show
  • misc8051 Forth - Charley Shattuck
  • Smart Dust
  • A USB Device Enumerator in SwiftForth
  • PID Control
  • SVFIG meeting or meeting fragments as Webcast
  • Forth Day 2005 in Anaheim
  • Space-rated Forth chip
  • Forth-based mass-market appliance computers - Canon Cat and/or QX10
  • Group excursion to "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" movie

SVFIG welcomes everyone's participation at its monthly meetings. There are many ways to contribute:

  • bring in a hardware or software item to discuss,
  • present a topic in an area of expertise,
  • discuss a book, paper, website, new product, new application, or an article in Forthwrite, or
  • talk about a current project.

If you would like to present at an SVFIG meeting, contact .

Meeting Notes

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