Next Meeting:
Saturday, March 24th

Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Rooms 197A and 197B
Sunnyvale, CA

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Wireless Internet access is anticipated (though not guaranteed) at Cogswell, so bring your wifi.

Meeting Agenda

10:00 --- Coffee and Tea
10:15 --- The Passion According to St. Matthew, JS Bach, Mel Gibson, and CH Ting - CH Ting
02/19/2007 - "I have just finished the opening chorus of the Passion According to Matthew, Bach, Gibson and Ting. The rest will come along piece by piece. I think I will have the entire movie done by the March meeting. I will debut it then."

03/07/2007 - "I finished the movie project and will premier it at the March meeting."

"I ripped the video images from Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ, and used them as the background for Bach's The Passion According to St. Matthew. It is beautiful and very impressive when you have poetry, music, and images to accompany the bible story. I need a DVD player to show it. It is an one and half hour show. So, be prepared to be bored if you have trouble with German and Chinese, or old Bach's music. The subtitles are in German with Chinese translation. I planned to include English translation, but did not have time to do it."

Noon --- Lunch
Some folks bring their lunch, some folks go to Togos.
13:30 --- Introductions, announcements, rumors, random access
14:00 --- eForth on IntellaSys seaForth24 - Bill Muench and John Rible
Bill and John have ported Bill's eForth to the IntellaSys seaForth24 chip environment. They'll demonstrate the software using an FPGA model of the chip and talk about the mostly-ANS94 eForth system and its bit-threaded implementation.
16:00 --- Adjourn

Coming to SVFIG soon:

  • Tour of TechShop is tentatively planned for April
  • A representative from Gumstix will be contacted for a possible May presentation.
  • Bring your speaker and topic suggestions to every meeting!
  • Your input for November's Forth Day is always welcomed.

If you have anything you'd like to talk about in March,
please contact Kevin Appert.

Meeting Notes