Next Meeting:
Saturday, March 26th

Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

Bring your laptop computer and wireless card to the meeting for free on-site Internet access at Cogswell!

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Starbucks Coffee, Tea, Bagels, and Pastries


Low Cost Digital Oscilloscope - CH Ting
"I will give a progress report on the Forth DSO project."

"The tingARM boards came back. However, John Cassady went out of the country, and he has all the ADuC7020 chips. I cannot do anything with the bare boards. I am laying out the first DSO board now, and hope to show it at the meeting."

"I talked about PA7540 PLD chip from Anachip last time. However, it burns too much current and so it is not suitable for a portable application. I found that Atmel ATF750CL is pin compatible with similar logic, but comsumes much less power. I will talk about this chip and show some simulation results."

I am working with PSPICE, and am trying to simulate the entire DSO circuitry: both analog and digital parts. There is a free student version of PSPICE Version 9.1 from OrCAD which was bought by Cadence.


Lunch and Dilbert Film Festival
Dilbert DVDs will be shown during lunch to test out the DVD player. Lunch options include: Togos, Waiters on Wheels, or bring your own


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, Gossip, and Random Discussions
Potential topics include: elections, and speaker and topic suggestions.


Causality, the Illiac, and Me - Gary Feierbach
Gary will regale us with tales of his career and the projects (both with and without Forth) that have marked milestones in his life's journey from his early work with the Illiac IV including some Show-and-Tell and amusing stories - through his days at Inner Access (where everything went wrong at once), then Intergraph, Sun, Racer Graphics and finally Apple - to his current endeavors including a foray into the arts. (A video of a clock he constructed will be shown.) We'll want to hear Gary's take on where Forth went right and wrong and what could be done better.

Other links of interest:

True Coverage:A Goal of Verification
Fourth International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design
March 24 - 26, 2003
San Jose, CA

Kalifer Deil
Collected Works


Panel Discussion - The Embedded Systems Conference - All in attendance

Where there any booths that were really mobbed?
Anything to make you say WOW?
Got Zigbee?
An in-depth review of Scott Adams' keynote.


Possible Beers and Dinner
Venues include Tied House in Mountain View.

Future Meeting Ideas:
  • Math Secrets of Mosaic Industries' QED-Forth
  • Robot Parts and Pieces - vendor(s) from the RoboNexus show
  • misc8051 Forth - Charley Shattuck
  • Smart Dust
  • A USB Device Enumerator in SwiftForth
  • PID Control
  • SVFIG meeting or meeting fragments as Webcast

SVFIG welcomes everyone's participation at its monthly meetings. There are many ways to contribute:

  • bring in a hardware or software item to discuss,
  • present a topic in an area of expertise,
  • discuss a book, paper, website, new product, new application, or an article in Forthwrite, or
  • talk about a current project.

If you would like to present at an SVFIG meeting, contact .

Meeting Notes

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