Meeting Agenda for
Saturday, March 24, 2001

Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

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Coffee and Donuts


Technical Session:

P24 eForth Package - C.H. Ting
This software will be put in the public domain and will be posted on the website. It includes the entire package, a very significant tool for Forth engine designers.

Speech Compression Algorithms - C.H. Ting
LPC10 and CELP are two current speech compression algorithms. Ting has been learning about them and will hopefully be able to discuss them. LPC10 has an amazing compression ratio of 40:1 and CELP is designed for low bandwidth communications applications.


Networking, demonstrations, and tutorials
Sign up for inpromptu talks by name and topic on the white board


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, and Gossip


Featured Talk: Software Legal Issues - George Perry
George will lead a group discussion on software issues such as end user license agreements and possible alternative for software possession, usage, and adaptation.


Break for afternoon tea
Networking and demonstrations.


Impromptu Talks
Sign up for a time slot on the white board during the break.



Next Business Meeting: Monday, March 26th, 2001, 7pm
Those with ideas for the next agenda and would like to get more involved in the general meeting process are invited to attend the Business Meeting at Jack's Pizza, 212 2nd Ave., 1/2 block west of "B" St. in San Mateo (650/343-9229).

Meeting Notes

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