Objective: Product creation, Contract design services and programming services.

Summary: We are an innovative electronic product development firm specializing in custom electronic designs for the industrial, medical and commercial markets. Our company has two partners; Virgil Stamps and David Atkinson. Our specialities are FORTH, C and PIC microcomputers. For business applications: Windows95 ACCESS.

Customer List: Process Mass Spectrometer Computer: Perkin-Elmer, California; Multi-point monitor: EG&G, Oklahoma; Redundant RTU: Baker CAC: Kingwood Texas; Machine vision, Traffic monitoring: VISITECH, Houston Texas; Digital Static Gas Blender: BI-M Instruments, Houston Texas; Medical Transfusion Instrument. Cardiovascular Systems, Woodlands Texas; Navigation Computer: Naview, Inc. Huntsville Texas; Vibration Transmitter:: METRIX Instruments, Inc. Houston Texas; Feeder Timer: Sweeney Enterprises Boerne Texas; RPM Transmitter: METRIX Instruments, Inc. Houston Texas; Motor Controller: Sweeney Enterprises Huntsville Texas; Automatic Lamp Changer: Tideland Signal Corp Houston Texas; Auto-tuned Pressure Controller DWD Engineering Houston Texas; Medical Data Base; Diversified Diagnostic Products, Houston Texas.

Control System Design: We offer EXPRESS (tm) from FORTH, INC as a value added reseller.. A single integrated software package for your PC providing the entire spectrum of control functions, from direct I/O controls all the way to sophisticated scheduling strategies. EXPRESS runs on a simple PC connected directly to your I/O system. EXPRESS can represent significant cost and time savings for companies automating a new plant or upgrading an existing one.

FORTH and other Programming: UNIX and RTU Systems: Pipeline control system: Local logical control programs utilizing a FORTH token compiler permit custom coding of control programs. Each RTU site has unique fire and safety requirements. Redundant RTU mechanism assumes bumpless control in the event of primary module failure. Created a robust communication protocol.

FORTH Vision System: We created and patented a vision system for the traffic monitoring market using the Harris RTX-2000 micro computer. MMI implemented on a PC using PolyFORTH (tm) from FORTH, Inc. or toll-free 800/613-7933.