Alan M. Robertson
- RAM Technology Systems

I do: Product, system and software design from PCB to market.

Summary: I am an innovative electronic product developer specializing in custom electronic designs for industry. I specialise in FORTH, for a variety of embedded micro controllers including the PIC. To satisfy modern front end and data input I use Visual Basic and now Tom Zimmers Win32Forth. My Interactive Remote Target Compiler for the PIC is the only commercially available Forth for the 16Cxx range that I know of.

Customers: Alpine GmBh, Plastic bag machine and extruder takeoff, Seagar, pipe bender, Warren Jones Eng., Range of portable and fixed site data loggers and water samplers, Eltromat BV, DC and Stepper controls, Wyvern InnLeisure, Smart Card reader, hand held programmer and darts scorer, Hymetrics, Ultrasonic ranging with IS connection and LonWorks, Blakell Parfit, automated electronics production carousel.

PICs: For the past three years I have been involved in the development of a Forth development environment for the serially programmed Microchip PIC micro controllers. I use the system to implement product and continue to add value to the package. I have given papers at the EuroForml conference and written an article for Forth Dimensions explaining my philosophy for embedded programming. The package is hosted by F-PC and incorporates an assembler, simulator, dissassembler, programmer, Forth Library and Target Link Monitor to allow interactive development of these magic little micros. Click here for a trial system for the PIC16C84 only.

Programming: I program all my embedded projects in Forth as I invariably start with new hardware. However, I also use Visual Basic for man-machine interfaces and am forced to use 'C' for the LonWorks development, I offered a Forth solution but their licensing would not allow.

Hobbies: I have designed and am now building a house in the sun. The south coast of England is very nice but still cold in the winter. I am also interested in home automation, radio controlled models, paragliding and sailing.