Bill Kibler Forth Resume


  • Teaching of electronics and computer science.
  • Documentation in manuals and "How-To" articles.
  • Programming in: ASM, "C", Forth, Tcl/Tk, and perl.
  • CPU experience: Novix/RTX2000, Z80/8085, 8051, 68xx/68xxx, 80x86
  • Hardware design, installation, and repair spanning 25 years.

Kibler Electronics

  • started in 1976
  • Currently working on industrial automation using SiLabs 8051 and GForth/MyForth. Project consists of 14 8051's using SPI protocol and serial communications. Numerous I/O devices, A/D and D/A converters, all in real time talking to Linux and Windows systems.
  • Provides a wide variety of consulting services for the electronics industry and those using complex electronic systems. Current services include:
    • Design and construction of hardware and software systems for industrial control.
    • Consulting on selection, doing the installation and programming of small PLC systems for process control.
    • Design and implementation of training using classroom techniques and computer based education tools.
    • Unix/Linux support and system setup for business and education.
  • Previous Clients or Projects:
    • Design Engineer
      • Developed hardware and software for 6805 controlled spudder coating machine. Product provided diagnostics, setup, and safety features. Used ORCAD SDT and PCB to design and layout PC Boards and hardware. Performed maintenance on Z80 REAL-TIME programs and installed Novell NETWARE.
      • Provided design support of Z80 based word processing system. Assisted in laying out PCB, prototyping, and testing of early production units.
    • Forth Programming and Support Documentation
      • Forth Programming support for AM Research; started adaption of F-PC for diagnostic support of test instruments.
      • Forth Documentation for company doing security using poly-forth.


  • 3/97 to 5/31/2007
  • Hewlet Packard, Roseville CA
  • Senior Programmer/Developer
    • Provide senior level support for automated compiling and packaging of programs for OpenView products on Unix and Windows systems. Compile products on all Unixs' using ClearCase tools and web based automation. Produced many web pages using perl automation tools and statistics from ClearCase interface. Perform documentation support and manual editing and creation with continuity between web site and printed document. Use Perl, Tcl, C/C++, Sybase isql, MySql, and Pagemaker 6.5 on Windows and Unix platforms. Numerous HPUX classes, experience at system administration on HPUX, Linux, and other Unix systems. Provided complete support for Coverity (Prevent/Extend) source code analyzer for all of HP.
  • 1/96 - 3/97
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Cardinal Health Inc.
  • 81 Blue Ravine Rd. Folsom, CA 95630, (916) 985-5000
    • Programmer analyst on HP-UX systems using C coding. Developed a network and process monitoring program. Cardinal Unix system provides TCP/IP network for converting data and protocols between clients PC's, SQL database, HP-MPE, and IBM AS400 systems on intra-network and modems. Web page generation using developed SQL and Perl tools.
  • 1/94-12/95
  • Engineer
  • U.S.Systems, INC.
  • 575 Menlo Dr. Suite 2, Rocklin, CA 95756, (916) 624-0996
    • Responsible for programming of industrial PLC systems used in prison control. Designer and programmer of embedded controllers (8051) in assembly, Forth, and "C". Programming of security system software running on STD BUS systems (8085) and Unix based computers. Developed code for MODBUS, GE, and other RS485/422 protocols for transfer of realtime data. Designed embedded controllers using TANGO PCB/SCH on ISA BUS using 8051 and Dual-ported RAM. PLC (ladder logic) programming on GE and Omron controllers.


  • 7/87
  • Master of Science, Computers and Education.
  • National University, Sacramento, CA.
    • A three part master's program covering: theory, practices, and supervision of education; operations and programming of microcomputers; design and development of computer based education programs.
    • Developed a Forth based CAI/CBT tutorial program that is used internationally to introduce users to the Forth language. Used Turbo Pascal, PILOT, and LOGO in developing educational support programs.
    • F83 TUTOR is available for downloading from my home page directory at as F83TUTOR.ZIP.


  • 8/89-1/94
  • Instructor Part-Time
  • Sierra College, Rocklin, CA
    • Introduction to Computers and Electronics. A course designed to take first time students, interested in exploring and understanding what electronics is and how it works. A pre-course for those thinking about entering the regular electronics technician program. Covered fundamentals of electronics all the way through to assembling your PC based computer.
    • Data Communications. Course covered the main two methods of communications used by computer systems, serial and network based. Covered the complete RS232 specification and how the PC handles sending and receiving data using this interface. The network aspect covered Novell system manager information, setting up networks, security considerations, as well the hardware components and their protocols needed to physically make it work.
  • 1/82-12/99
  • Writer for "The COMPUTER JOURNAL"
    • Produced a Bi-Monthly magazine that supported classic computer systems. Over 14 years of writing articles on hardware and software. Articles detail actual programming projects in: Forth; 6805/68705, Z80 and 68000 assembly language; BIOS designs and modifications. Acquired ownership of magazine in June 1992, transferred ownership in 1995. Used HTML, PageMaker, and other desktop publishing tools to create magazine.

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