Philip B. Carpenter

Software Engineer

Phil Carpenter and Associates
#102 PMB 264, 17194 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX 75248-1221
phone: 972/931-0526

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HTML . Perl . C . C++ . Basic . FORTRAN . FORTH
X-Windows . OpenGL . PHIGS . GKS
Photoshop . After Effects . Electric Image . Wavefront
Major: Physics . Minor: Mathematics 1978
University of Evansville . Evansville, IN
Image processing and animation techniques 1993 - 1996
American Film Institute . Hollywood, CA
Web design and programming 1998
University of Texas . Arlington, TX

References and demo reel available on request.

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Craig Murray Productions
Produced graphics elements which were incorporated in television commercials
Performed technical support for sales office to demonstrate product - scientific visualization graphics software
Maintained and debugged PHIGS based CAD/CAM software for Sun and Apollo workstations
Wrote software on Silicon Graphics workstation to move 2D images in real time according to spline based path

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User Interface

Rockwell International
Developed CURSES interface to multi-platform file transfer system
Martingale Research Corp
Enhanced X Windows Motif interface to statistical analysis product
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Wrote GKS software to detect and edit errors in raw data of atmospheric studies from space

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3D Animation

SimGraphics Engineering Corp
Wrote code on graphics workstation to animate stress fields on surfaces of 3D objects in real time
Consolidated Film Industries
Created animation for customized Academy leader sequence with Macintosh software
DreamQuest Images
Simulated F-16 attack sequence for "JAG" television program
Created Doom-like maze sequence for "Earth II" television program

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Machine Control

DreamQuest Images
Wrote software under X Windows on UNIX machine to drive digital film scanner, consisting of film transport motor, color wheel motors, and high resolution camera
Consolidated Film Industries
Calibrated and operated high resolution digital film recorder
Title House
Developed QBasic software on 486 PC to control motors on digital film scanner

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Image Processing

Consulted on image processing techniques, including scanning, compositing, color control, and recording for feature film digital effects
R Greenberg Associates
Wrote software on Silicon Graphics workstations to generate mattes for image compositing
Supervised shot line-up and recording operations for films "Last Action Hero" and "In the Line of Fire"

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Data Visualization

U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office
Generated hardcopy plots of gravity data collected on naval vessels
Xontech, Inc
Maintained code for signal processing and statistical analysis
Simulated data and displayed with contour & mesh plots
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Produced plots of radar beam patterns in 3D, contour, and line graphs
Wrote routines to downsample, clip, and scale data

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Web Development

MCI Worldcom
Wrote CGI Perl scripts on UNIX Web server to access lab equipment scheduling system
Enhanced client's web site with database and shopping cart software to register users' interest in specific products and email information to their sales department
Phil Carpenter and Associates
Designed and wrote web site for own company (

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