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There is a new-ish version of Forth for the Parallax Propeller, authored by Sal Sanci, by the name of PropForth. It evolved from Sal Sanci's earlier effort: SpinForth.

Note: This is different from PropellerForth from Cliffe Biffle, which is an older item no longer under development and not presently supported. Unfortunately, Cliffe had already used "PropellerForth", so Sal went with PropForth.

PropForth is available here.

Current release is 4.5. A finalized kernel release 5.0 is targeted for Fall 2011 and is to be optimized for size and speed.

Some highlights are:

The "Jupiter ACE" propeller configuration, wherein the propeller chip becomes a stand-alone Forth development terminal with the addition of a monitor and keyboard.

Multi-prop support: in addition to the eight core of the propeller chip, a method is provided to allow additional prop chips to be added; resulting in more I/O pins and more cores available to the applications.

Web Server support: support for telnet, ntp, and http; perrmits execution of Forth words in a web page.

SD support: using block access, the SD card is consisdered "internal" to the PropForth system, thus eliminating the need for FAT support and compatibility, and is fast enough for hard disk or expanded RAM replacement.

Presently, PropForth is enjoying continued support from international contributors on the Parallax forums.

Submitted by: Professor Braino - prof.braino -at-

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