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  1. BURKS: Forth - Forth resources from the Brighton University Resource Kit for Students: website and CD-ROM
    BURKS: Forth and Forth resources from
  2. Chuck Moore - Creator and inventor of Forth. New incarnation of Forth with simplified color-based syntax, improved performance. Forth articles, multiprocessors, VLSI design tool
  3. comp.lang.forth repository - Ideas and tips from the comp.lang.forth usenet newsgroup
  4. DNW's Forth Page - A useful collection of Forth libraries, Forth to C translators, hints
  5. EuroForth: European Forth Conference - Friendly international conference where time is made for meeting people, informal discussion, contacts. Delegates from many continents, all parts of Europe including Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union. Introduction, schedule, mail list, prior events
  6. EuroForth: Yahoo Groups - Mail list archive for conference-related announcements, and for delegates to discuss conference organization, especially the topic of conference workshop
  7. Forth in Java Programming - Resources for using Forth in a Java world
  8. Forth Language - Up-to-date collection of Forth links and collaborative wiki web
  9. Forth Programming Language - Forth history and selected links, with a focus on artificial intelligence
  10. Forth programming language - Forth definition on Wikipedia "the Free Encyclopedia"
  11. Forth Research at Institut für Computersprachen - List of Forth-related projects at the Institut für Computersprachen, Wien, Austria
  12. Forth Research Page - Annotated links on research, conferences, workshops, bibliography (500+ entries), ANS Forth, and commercial vendors. Large extensive resource
  13. Forth Resources - Mail list archives for colorForth, MachineForth, MISC (Minimal Instruction Set Computing), NOSC (No Operand Stack Computers). Kept by Michael Alyn Miller
  14. Forth WWW and FTP Links - Commercial Sites and other, Forth Systems, FTP sites, People
  15. Forth-83 Standard - Older Forth standard (superseded by the 1994 one)
  16. Forth: A Programming Language for Real Programmers - A dozen links, and a short explanation of Forth benefits which concludes with an enjoyable rant about the state of programming
  17. FTP Uni-Bremen: Forth - FTP Interface to University of Bremen's Center for the Study of Information Technology
    Forth (Taygeta-Archive) no longer listed
  18. Hello, World program - Example of simple Forth program
  19. Journal of FORTH Application and Research - Refereed technical journal published by The Institute for Applied Forth Research, Inc. Each issue has refereed papers, technical notes, letters, book reviews, announcements, an index of current Forth related publications
  20. Lost at C? Forth May Be the Answer - Article by Tom Napier & Eric Kreig
  21. Mind.Forth Artificial Intelligence - Robot AI (in Win32Forth) based on an original theory of mind
  22. Morse trainer for PalmOS written in Forth - Including source program in Quartus Forth (a Forth implementation for PalmOS). Write a phrase and then listen to it in Morse code. The program includes words for setting speed (in WPM, CODEX and PARIS) and tone pitch
  23. Object-Oriented Forth Survey - ACM SIGPLAN article by 2 academics surveys, summarizes, and compares 17 OOFs
  24. On Standardizing Object-Oriented Forth Extensions - Treats points relevant to the Neon/Yerk model, which is implemented in Mops, Win32Forth, and ANS Forth; and which now seems to be the most popular model
  25. Palm Pilot applications - Developed in Forth. Some sources are freely available
  26. Forth Tutorial - Forth tutorial centered on PForth
  27. The Forth Guide - Guide to MVP Forth
  28. The Forth Programming Webring - Easy signup submission page, with some content. This website powered by webserver software zHTTP written in zForth (what else?) by site author
Nodeworks Forth material still listed in
Comparison and Review
    Includes items that mention Forth
  1. 1% the Code - Compares colorForth and C: Chuck Moore, father of Forth, expects colorForth applications to need only 1% the code of C programs. No code samples.
  2. 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall - Shows source code implementation for the same simple program across over 250 different programming languages. Forth implementation
  3. ACM "Hello, World" Project - List of the famous "Hello, World!" programming teaching program, in hundreds of different languages. Forth implementation
  4. Examples of Programs in Different Programming Languages - Compares 129 (or 157?) languages, via 418 code samples, and growing. Forth implementation
  5. Review of Existing Languages - From TUNES Review Subproject, large page of sharp, insightful commentary on many languages, hundreds of links. Forth link in
  6. University of Michigan's Language Guide - Each entry includes history, description, code examples, and references. Forth entry
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