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John J. Cassady's FORTH-75C for the HP-75C (vintage 1983)

The zip file (25 Kb) contains all the programs recovered from the micro-cassette along with an explanation. Three programs were in fact not readable but can be re-created with the kernel and appropriate extensions which are all intact. I used HP's LIFUTIL to get the files onto a DOS machine for transfering. These files will need to be converted back using LIFUTIL for use on the HP-75C.

Jim Rudnick

Introduction by John J. Cassady (pdf)
Manual (4.84 Mb - pdf)

The Agilent LIFUTIL, part number E2080A, is a program that runs on personal computers running the DOS operating system. It can read, write, and format LIF disks in PC floppy-disk drives. The program is interactive and menu-driven - it can be controlled from the keyboard or with a mouse. The main menu provides the following functions:

LIF to DOS Copy Get files from LIF disk
DOS to LIF Copy Put DOS files on LIF disk
LIF Catalog Catalog files on LIF disk
LIF Purge File Remove files from LIF disk
Zero LIF Disk Wipe out LIF catalog (don't reformat disk)
LIF Disk Status Give information on LIF disk
LIF Hex Dump Read raw sectors from LIF disk
LIF Initialize Format LIF disk (all common media and formats)

More information on LIFUTIL can be found at:


Download lifarc.exe - from Agilent website - locally

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