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FORTH, Inc. has updated its website. There is now a "wiki" that is open to the wider Forth (beyond FORTH, Inc.) community. Unlike a discussion group, on a wiki everyone is both a reader and an author. You can use it to post a question or an idea; anyone can insert a reply into your original document's page, or can place a link there to a longer reply they create on a new wiki page.

The wiki features - endless revisability, restorability, and hyperlinkability - could foster group discussion, development, and code posting. It offers some potential opportunities for Forth community-building.

The main entrance to the wiki from the FORTH, Inc. site is labelled called Forth Online & Interactive

The wiki's home page shows mostly-empty top-level topic categories

There is a link in the left-hand sidebar to Forth Community Issues

There is a link there to a page set up for FIG-related items

There is a link there to a page set up for SVFIG-related items

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