Notes from May 2003 Meeting


Thanks for inviting me to present to the SVFIG group on Saturday, May 17, 2003. I always enjoy addressing your meetings and just hanging out.

This particular occasion was somewhat frustrating to me because I had planned to use the multimedia projector to display my computer screen on the wall. Rather than just talking about the particular HMSL classes and what they do, I had worked up a talk-through presentation demonstrating how to implement these classes in a simple (operational) hierarchy. I had installed the HMSL software on other machines around the room so that others could imitate my programming and try it for themselves in real time. However, I was foiled by the lack of an appropriate connector from MMP to Mac. So, I apologize that I wasn't really able to roll this demonstration out the way that I had planned.

On the up side, this experience has sensitized me to the kind of difficulties that you face as presenters, so I will try harder to help you get the things you need for your presentations.

In terms of action items, I will send some code examples to Dave Jaffe later today for posting on the Web site. We intend this to generate some experimentation and discussion around MIDI and audio function calls from Forth. Also, John Rible and I will meet again and create a course outline/syllabus/proposal that we can use to introduce Forth instruction here at Cogswell, perhaps as soon as next year.

Finally, we forgot to discuss a Forth "expo" for Cogswell students. Let me start the discussion with a list of some specific activities that I think might stimulate student interest. We can then begin to plan around that and set a date.

Again, thanks for some floor time on Saturday. As I have said before, I think that hosting SVFIG meetings lends distinction to our institution and is a great resource for our college community as well. I am trying hard to leverage that resource into something beneficial for our students and our institutional culture.

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