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comp.lang.forth.repository Everything related to Forth programming that has been discussed on the comp.lang.forth usenet newsgroup. The site is dedicated towards improving portability between forth implementations, providing surveys, example implementations, and library modules.
Debuffer - Palm Debugger Debuffer is a Forth-scriptable assembly-level debugger for the Palm. released
Portable Forth Environment The Portable Forth Environment implements the ANSI Forth Standard, it is fully written in C, the newer version has a module concept, and it is fully multithreaded. Autoconf used. Tested in embedded environments. released
JacksOrBetter for Palm OS Video poker simulator for Palm OS-based PDAs, developed with the Quartus Forth and OnBoard RsrcEdit tools. released
SP-Forth - ANS Forth for Win32 ANS Forth for Win32 (used to compile the following SF projects: acWEB, acFTP, acFreeProxy, Forth-Script) released
TIARA (utcboot) Talkware TIARA, an Openbios/GRUB/PFORTH composite, BIOS replacement. Boots an unmodifed linux kernel from an IDE drive or ethernet, using only 128kb of flash. Works with INTEL/AMD K6/2-450, SiS 530/5595 and 8139 enet. VGA & Serial console supported. released
FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter FIJI the ForthIsh Java Interpreter is an interactive environment with a procedural syntax similar to the Forth programming language. FIJI can load, introspect, and execute Java classes and methods. FIJI's main use is for unit and component testing of Java released
bigFORTH+MINOS bigFORTH is a native code Forth for x86 processors. MINOS is a portable GUI library for X11 and Win32, written in object oriented Forth, and includes the form editor Theseus. released
DieRoller for PalmOS DieRoller is a PalmOS application for gamers, written in Quartus Forth. It allows you to roll up to 8 multi-sided dice, and display the roll results as well as the sum. DieRoller is freeware, and Quartus Forth source code is included. In order to work released
guiForth guiForth is a customized version of pForth that provides bindings to the FLTK library. The initial goal is to create a software development system for the Agenda VR3 PDA, but guiForth should be portable to any platform that has FLTK. released
Puzzler - Master Mind for the Palm OS MasterMind for the Palm OS! Developed entirely onboard the Palm using Quartus Forth. With an intuitive interface. And it uses less than 10K of memory. released
Threaded Interpreter Vector Engine Experimental core engine, for various uses. Keywords: scripting, vectors, Forth.
vfr-pilot Aviation/Aviators flight-planning program, written in Quartus Forth for the Palm Pilot. Very useful for me as a vfr-pilot. Highlights: 10 waypoints in one single screen, impressive runtime speed and very fast developing time.
NetFilter-1 This project aims at providing a complete solution for remote administration of Linux Firewalls based on the forthcoming 2.4 kernel series and Rusty's NetFilter IP filtering modules. This includes secure client/server architecture, secure logging and GUI.
LYFO embedded forth
PPCFORTH for Embedded PowerPC Forth for embedded PPC (IBM40x supported). Currently written in assembler (ASL dialect). Used for monitor or loading other programs via S-Records. released
FIL A Forth Inspired (Scripting) Language for the Helio PDA released
md20 - MUCK d20 RPG System md20, or 'MUCK d20', is an implementation of the d20 Open Gaming License game system written in MUF (MUCK Forth), for use on the MUCK server platform.
dos froth \'dos froth\' is a Forth language implementation for the DOS environment.
froth froth is a Forth-like compiler written in Ansi C, and therefore fully portable (only require glib). With Froth, is provided also a Forth implementation for DSP (tms320c50 at this time). Froth should then be mainly considered as an interactive forth cross-
Forth Script - web scripting engine Forth Script is a server-side web scripting engine based on Forth language. It may work as CGI-application under any web-server and lets you create dynamic web-pages using Forth language, HTML patterns and database's data. Example: released files
Mind an artificial intelligence coded initially in JavaScript for Web migration and in Forth for robots, evolving towards full civil rights on a par with human beings and towards superintelligence beyond any human IQ (intelligence quotient). released files
Real-Time Forth-OS OSTH (O$TH) The OSTH is the project of Real-Time Forth-OS for ultra-small desktop and embeddable systems based on any hardware basis. The goal of this project is to provide small, but powerful Forth lang. 32-bit environment with enbedded high-level programming lang
ZForth ZForth is a Forth interface for the Zope Web Application Server. It enables you to run forth code from Zope. It applies the new object class ZForth to the ZODB. Please note that it depends on gforth. released files
NetForth NetForth is an embedded Forth implementation (derived from FICL), strong in distributed processing across multiple architectures and OSs. Its structure facilitates rapid application development and leverage through reusable code repositories.
Forth MUD Project This MUD is coded in Forth. It is designed to be easily customizable, extensible, and modular; as well, it will have many innovative and advanced features. The MUD will also have Online Creation, for builders (or even users) to quickly and easily extend
PyFicl Integrate the Ficl Forth environment ( with the Python programming language.
CUE: Developing a Programming Language. Are you a fan of Forth/RPN math? Need an easy, quick way to access files, do calculations, or just about anything else on your computer? Enter CUE (abrv. Q). Optimized for short, quick programs this language can be used for many different chores. released files
Multi-User Forth IDE This is a cross-platform integrated development environment for the Multi-User Forth programming language use in MUCKs. The IDE supports color syntax highlighting, integrated primitive help, project management, upload script creation, and other features.
RealClient RealClient tries to provide an extensible way of programming applets using an XML file as the basis of Layout and transferring xml back and forth to a back-end.
(ROG) Realms of Gafforthia - FRPG All the fun of an MMORPG without all the MMORPG hassle. Ability to switch between any character in the game at any time, linked with the ability to generate new areas to explore as needed (Infinite Mapping), and fully interactive database structures make
kgforth Kgforth is a simple IDE for the gforth interpreter/compiler for KDE 2.** It provides an editor, gforth window,debug and dump window, forth toolbar and menu. released files
STOICAL STack Oriented Interactive Compiler Adapted to Linux. POSIX threads, regular expressions, sockets, associative arrays (hashes), dynamic memory/GC, floating point math, types, and more. An RPN language, inspired by STOIC and Forth. released files