Because you expressed an interest in Mike Ghan's web server, here is recent info from him on where to download the latest version. I checked the version and it is the same as I am now using, so all of the examples should work. Note that he says the latest version is 5-10-2004. That is probably correct for the zipped files, but the latest version of WEBSERVER.EXE is 5-08-2004 created at 9:11, the same one contained in the download zip file.

Mike's comment on the error in Exhibit 1 is correct: I somehow got an old version that uses <$ instead of <% as the "escape to Forth" delimiter. I have corrected this error and some other minor "gotchas" in my presentation text and have attached them herewith. I am also attaching the technical manual for my application to show how the screens look. This manual also includes listings for (almost) all of the source code files. I can also send these but it will have to wait a few days until PKZIP is installed on my new PC.

Bob Nash