Call for Presenters

Forth Day 2005

Saturday, November 19th
Third Saturday
Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

Forth Day 2005 celebrates the Forth Programming Language and will feature Charles Moore, inventor of Forth, in the afternoon.

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SVFIG is now accepting proposals for talks at this year's Forth Day. Presentations may cover any topic that is Forth-related. If you are interested in participating, please send as soon as possible:

  • the title of your talk,
  • a two-sentence to one-paragraph abstract,
  • an estimate of time you need,
  • requests for special accommodations (audio/video needs), and
  • your preference for presenting in the morning or afternoon.

Of course, you are more than welcome to attend Forth Day even if you are not presenting.

A complete schedule of Forth Day activities will be posted on this website as soon as it is finalized.

SVFIG maintains a meeting announcement emailing list and a discussion emailing list. You are welcome to subscribe to either or both.

If you are interested in participating in or need more information about Forth Day or SVFIG activities or would like to volunteer or suggest a speaker, please contact the SVFIG Program Chairman, Kevin Appert.

Scheduled presenters:

Introductory comments
Welcome - George Perry
Treasurer's Report - John Rible
Call for Participation - Kevin Appert
Lunch - provided by CH Ting
Forth Chip Infrastructure - Jeff Fox
A ROM BIOS for parallel Forth, service providers, a RAM server, and the concept of forthlets - these are stories of developing development environments and the use of Forth in many flavors that Jeff will present.
Sudoku - John Rible
John will describe his efforts on recoding Robert Spykerman's Sudoku code for Chuck's multiprocessor chip.
Title of talk is forthcoming - Michael Montvelishsky
Michael will talk about a paradigm shift for parallel math and a design for a forthlet interpreter forthlet.
Forth Stamps - CH Ting
Ting will present a stamp computer based on Analog Devices's ADuC7020, a single chip computer featuring 1 MSPS, ADC, 4 DACs, and many other peripherals.
New Products for Forth Embedded Systems - Dave Jaffe
Dave will survey some newly introduced microcontrollers and I/O peripherals that can provide useful and unique capabilities to Forth embedded systems.
SwiftForth - Bob Nash
Windows API, DLLs, Objects, and an up-to-date programming environment are features of SwiftForth from FORTH, Inc. that Bob will overview and demonstrate.
Carbon MacForth - George Perry
George will demonstrate the features of this Forth for the Macintosh.
Fireside Chat - Chuck Moore
Chuck will enlighten us with his recent Forth-related activities.

SVFIG welcomes everyone's participation at its monthly meetings. There are many ways to contribute:

  • bring in a hardware or software item to discuss,
  • present a topic in an area of expertise,
  • discuss a book, paper, website, new product, new application, or an article in Forthwrite, or
  • talk about a current project.

If you would like to present at an SVFIG meeting, contact Kevin Appert.

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