A Standalone Programmer for ATMEL Flash Microprocessors

Robert Nash

I will describe how to build a standalone programmer for multiple ATMEL microprocessor chips such as the 89C1051, 89S2051, 89S4051, ATS1200, ATS2313 and 89S8252. The programmer uses a small 8-bit chip-resident Forth for the 8051 that fits in under 1K. It fits into the 8K flash memory of the 89S8252 and can be used with any terminal program, such as HyperTerminal, that support file transfers.

I will show several programmers that I have built, provide schematics and sell low-cost boards for building the programmer. Note that the programmer can be built on the 2051BC CPU-13 board that I have shown at several meetings.

Handout - PDF