Len's Forth Tutorial

Leonard Morgenstern

These are some of Len's tutorials that he presented before each meeting of the North Bay Forth Interest Group, when it was active. They are written in various kinds of Forth, mostly F-PC. The most recent ones conform to the ANSI standard.

Code is placed at the end of the tutorial, repeated if necessary.

When you review these, please let Len know if you find errors, unclear expostion, or instances of noncompliance with ANSI. Send an email message.

The basics

Forth does not have a standard array because it's easier to create exactly what you want.
Bad code
Learning by example (bad ones).
Bit manipulations
Manage bits on the stack and in RAM. Create arrays of bits. How TRUE and FALSE are represented.
Create ... does>
In Forth, it's easy to create what you want, and here is how to do it!
QUIT is Forth's inner interpreter. How to make it do tricks, and how to do fancy things with a home-made QUIT loop.
Ring buffers
With a ring buffer you can create a stack that automatically discards obsolete values.
Built-in stacks and user-created stacks
The data stack and the return stack aren't always enough. Create your own.

An adventure game in Forth

Coming soon: Learn Forth by writing an adventure game.

Updated: July 28, 1996